John I. McKenna Legacy Fund

Generous donors who believe in The Samaritan Women’s vision that “any survivor—anywhere in the nation—should have access to qualified, compassionate care” can invest in a single fund and trust The Samaritan Women to make financial awards to shelters that will advance the work of God across this nation. 

Donations made to the Legacy fund are restricted to the purpose of improving and expanding residential care options for survivors of domestic sexual exploitation. 

The Legacy Fund awards are determined by a volunteer committee comprised of business leaders and shelter professionals



Based on the availability of funds, The Legacy Fund offers the following awards to shelter programs:


Start-up and existing shelters that have applied for training with the Institute for Shelter Care may be eligible for scholarships that will fund up to 80% of the cost of the training. Scholarships awarded are paid directly to the Institute to cover tuition. Scholarships are not paid out to the Mentee and are not refundable if the shelter does not complete the training. Note that all of our Mentees were given scholarships because of your generosity

Grant maximum: $50,000.

Hardship Grants

Shelter programs who experience an unforeseen hardship (natural disaster, temporary relocation, personnel loss, etc.) may apply for a Hardship Grant at any time. In the case of a Hardship grant, a special session of the Grants Committee will be called to review the application and vote on award. Hardship grants are made within 30 days of application and only awarded once to the same organization.

Grant maximum: $10,000

Legal Support Grant

Existing Shelter programs are facing legal challenges should reach out to the Institute for our network of resources.  In addition to our Shield Bearers group of attorneys, the Legacy Fund sets aside small grants to off-set legal expenses. Preference is given to defending religious liberties for faith-based shelter programs.

Grant maximum: $2,500

ECFA Certification Grant

Shelters that aspire to earn certification for financial transparency from the Evangelical Council on Financial Accountability (ECFA) may apply for a small grant to support the preparation of their EFCA packet and first year of membership.

Grant maximum: $2,000

TSW Legacy Fund Grant Restrictions:

  • Anti-trafficking agencies that do not provide residential care are ineligible to apply
  • TSW Legacy Fund Awards Committee members that represent an active shelter are not eligible to apply
  • Grants cannot be used for activities other than shelter-related work (e.g., awareness, outreach, advocacy)
  • Grants are not awarded to individuals, only to valid nonprofit agencies in the United States
  • Grants cannot be used for the purchase of fixed assets (house, vehicle, equipment)
  • Grants cannot be used for fund-raising activities (gala, dinners, events, etc.)

The Samaritan Women believes in transparency and accountability. All grantees will be required to submit quarterly financial and outcome reports to The Samaritan Women Legacy Fund and may be required to host a site visit (at our cost) in order to stay in good standing with our grants process.

If you are a philanthropist, donor, or represent a company or church that desires to sow into this vision, The Samaritan Women would be happy to speak with you. Email Jeanne Allert or donate to the Legacy Fund here.