Ministry Fundamentals

Many nonprofits/ministries fail within their first few years because of financial instability, leadership, staffing issues, and the lack of foundational skills and planning necessary for success.
  • Are you being called to start a non-profit / ministry?
  • Do you have a vision for your nonprofit / ministry, but are uncertain about first steps?
  • Have you launched a nonprofit / ministry but are overwhelmed or want to re-visit the fundamentals?

We can help with these challenges

Upon completion of the program, organizations will have the tools to create solid ministries that are sustainable and capable of growth as God presents opportunities to serve His people.


Guided Independent Study

Participants will utilize digital, customizable templates to build and apply their organization’s action plan, while utilizing monthly instructor-guided independent study to explore and answer the following questions:

  • What has God called you to do?
  • Are you ready?
  • How will you keep your excitement alive?
  • Who can you rely on personally and professionally to help?
  • What truly motivates you and those that work with you?
  • How can you build better relationships?
  • Who are your leaders, and what will they do?
  • How do you get support, both financially and through donated time?

Group Learning Sessions

There will be 3 in person group learning sessions that will share in-depth understanding of the following topics:

  • Defining the Mission, Vision, and Values of the organization.
  • Recruiting a board that is fully engaged with a desire to use their skills to help deliver the mission and vision of the ministry.
  • Creating a budget that is financially sound and will convey confidence to current and potential donors.

Independent Workshops

All of the work outlined above leads to a 4-day intensive training workshop in May 2023 that is designed to encompass the following topics:

  • Religious Character
  • Spiritual Disciplines
  • Training and Engaging the Board
  • Strategic Planning
  • Risk Management
  • HR Basics
  • Staffing
  • Safety and Security
  • Legal Protections
  • Contingency Planning
  • Goals and Metrics
  • Defining A Fundraising Strategy
  • Church Engagement
  • Communication Strategies
  • Cross-Cultural Relationships

Ministry Fundamentals, a project of the Institute for Shelter Care, was created to give non-profit leaders the skills and confidence they need to implement the fundamental building blocks of a strong organization. This program is designed to develop structure around important topics such as recruiting a diverse board of directors, establishing and maintaining an annual budget, creating a functional fundraising action plan, mitigating risk, hiring staff, and managing a team.

Each organization will be matched with a mentor that will walk beside them during their journey as they begin to apply their newly acquired skills to the ministry.


What is the time commitment?
The time commitment for the program is 4-8 hours a month of independent study, with potentially a few additional hours dedicated to in person, group-learning sessions.

What is the financial investment?
The financial investment to participate in the program is $3,000. This amount covers the entire curriculum, including resources. Payment plans may be available if needed.

What  is the application deadline?

The first round of applications are due August 31, 2022

If you are interested in additional information about the Ministry Fundamentals program or want to join the 2022-2023 group, please email Paula Harper at or call 502-548-3527.