TSW Partnerships


Reciprocal, mutually beneficial relationships between two parties who share a commitment to the same goal.

Regent University

Research Partner

A premiere Christian academic institution located in Virginia Beach, VA, Regent University has engaged with TSW in a variety of ways. We have collaborated on the authoring of courses related to sex trafficking and trauma, to be offered to university students. We are also in a multi-year research initiative to academically vet the TSW Care Model and analyze outcome data from shelters across the nation.


Support Partner

RESTOR is a responsibly sourced coffee company in Texas that is committed to being a part of the anti-trafficking movement. Through its sponsorship program, RESTOR partners with victim service providers offering an alternative source of charitable income. TSW uses the RESTOR model to teach shelters how to form intentional business partnerships in support of their sustainability.

Southeast Christian Church

Program Partner

TSW has enjoyed over a decade of partnership with Southeast Christian Church (SECC) of Louisville, KY. SECC has provided volunteer, leadership, and financial support to advance TSW’s efforts. TSW has invested in SECC’s congregation and local community by providing targeted awareness and education, coalition-building, and technical support for local victim services.

The International Association of Human Trafficking Investigators (IAHT)

Program Partner

The International Association of Human Trafficking Investigators (IAHT), located in Knoxville, TN, is the premiere membership organization for justice professionals engaged in anti-trafficking work. Our partnership with IAHTI includes collaborating on research projects where law enforcement and victim services intersect, as well as building awareness and education products to help build up knowledge and skills in both sectors.