Scholarship Opportunity

The Institute for Shelter Care has been given a limited opportunity to bless your agency with tools to advance your excellence in serving survivors. Scholarships are available for the following tools:


ShelterU is a learning platform featuring a comprehensive library of training courses offered by the Institute for Shelter Care. It is a valuable resource for shelters that are committed to providing quality, compassionate care to survivors of sexual exploitation. By offering this learning platform, specifically tailored to staff roles within the shelter setting, ShelterU can assist organizations in building a stronger and more effective workforce that is better equipped to support survivors. Learn more >

National Case Management System

The NCMS is an easy-to-use system for all your case management activities. From referral to exit, the NCMS offers industry standard and shelter-specific forms to help your staff efficiently collect information, track survivor progress, evaluate your programs and report data. Learn more >

Next Steps
  • Review the course catalog of ShelterU
  • Email Ralph Roller to schedule a demo of NCMS
  • Complete the application for scholarship (application window: May 7 to May 28)
  • Institute staff are available to help you understand this offer, provide a demo, speak to your Board, etc.:
    – ShelterU: Chelsea Longo
    – NCMS: Ralph Roller
    – General questions: Chris Lim
  • Note: Even if you think you will not onboard until later this year, you need to apply by May 28, 2024
  • Applications will be reviewed and decisions about awards will be made
  • The Institute will notify shelters in early June 2024 about award

The objectives of this scholarship are:

  • To provide Christian shelters with the tools and support needed to communicate their impact in quantifiable ways
  • To equip Christian shelters with relevant, timely, and economical training so that direct care staff, leaders, and volunteers are knowledgeable and skilled

So that Christian shelters would be recognized as the de-facto standard of excellence in care for victims of sexual exploitation.


Agencies that meet the following criteria are invited to apply:

  1. Christ-centered in identity and practice
  2. Completes the application in full
  3. Is a New Subscriber to the resource that you are applying for (ShelterU and/or NCMS)
  4. Have a verified record on the National Shelter Landscape Map (To become verified contact Laurryn McDaniel to complete the questionnaire.)
  5. Committed to using the tools
  6. Agree to use seven (7) specific forms/assessments in the NCMS
  7. Agree to participate in the national data warehouse
  8. Agree to provide evaluative feedback
  9. Intends to enter into a 2-year contract at true cost following this subscription period

*If your organization already subscribes to ShelterU, your organization is not eligible for a ShelterU scholarship.


May 7-28: Applications submission window

Late May/Early June: Applications will be reviewed and decisions about award made

Early June: The Institute will notify agencies about award decisions.


Your shelter can apply to receive one or both:

On-boarding: June 2024 Subscription Ends: May 2025.

On-boarding Options:

  • June
  • July – August
  • September – October

Subscription ends after 12 months.


Q:  Can any shelter apply for these scholarships?

A:  Any Christian trafficking shelter can apply, but not every shelter will be given a scholarship.  You must be a Christ-centered shelter, obvious in your faith conviction and practices.  You must complete the application form and provide all the information.  You must agree to actively use the tools and participate in the reporting process.  There is no guarantee that you will be awarded a scholarship, but you can’t win if you don’t apply!

Q:  Our shelter is less than a year old, so we don’t have service history.  Can we still apply?

A:  Yes, you can still apply.  Submit the application with what you anticipate for your first year.

Q:  What if we already have ShelterU, can we just apply for the NCMS?

A:  Yes, you can specify just the NCMS in your application.

Q:  We have multiple programs (emergency, restorative, transitional, etc.).  Do we need a separate subscription for each program?

A:  As long as all your programs are under the same Federal Tax ID (EIN), you only need one subscription.  You can ask for as many logins as you need based on the subscription cost you can bear in Year 2 and beyond.

Q:  Can we just get a few logins and share them?

A:  That is not recommended.  Particularly for the sensitive nature of client data you will want to ensure that you can track who’s entering data, and for training, you’ll likely want to be able to have a transcript of which staff completed what training.  That requires individual logins, but we can coach you through how many logins would be appropriate based on your staff size and needs.

Q:  Who has access to our data in the NCMS?

A:  We take survivor confidentiality seriously.  Every one of your residents must give consent for his/her data to be included and only your staff and our System Administrator can see your data.  Any data that is uploaded to the National Data Warehouse has been stripped of all Personally Identifiable Information (PII).

Q:  If we are awarded a scholarship for ShelterU and NCMS, are we obligated to pay for our subscription in subsequent years?

A:  It is our hope that you will find both services so valuable that you will want to become a paid subscriber.  After the scholarship year, you will be responsible for the total cost of the subscriptions, but you will also have a wealth of accomplishment and data to tout to other donors and foundations.

Q:  We are currently in a contract with another CMS but might want to get out of it.  Can we still apply?

A:  You should still apply and probably select one of the later on-boarding dates to give yourself time to make those internal changes.

Q:  What if we want these tools, but our Board is not sure about approving the future investment?

A:  We would be happy to speak with a member of your Board, or put you in touch with other agencies who are benefitting from ShelterU and NCMS.

Scholarship Scenarios

Small Shelter  (4 beds)

ShelterU (4 logins)​  $2,640​
NCMS (2 logins)​  $3,280​

Large Shelter  (15 beds)

ShelterU (10 logins)​  $6,600​
NCMS (6 logins)​  $9,840​

Your agency may be eligible for a 12-month scholarship for these expenses.  After 12 months, your agency would be responsible for these costs.

The Institute’s Jeanne Allert provides an overview of the scholarship and the application process.