Many women and children who have been victims of sex trafficking struggle with a feeling of isolation and loneliness each day.  Their healing and recovery takes a great deal of faith in God, compassion and supportive care.

Please consider joining our efforts to reach a goal of $12 million in the next 5 years to assist in their healing by providing training, mentoring and sustaining support that will establish 24 new shelter programs, equip 20 existing shelter providers and ultimately provide qualified, compassionate care for more than 3,220 survivors nationwide. 

Your compassion and love for your neighbors is remarkable and greatly appreciated by all!  You embody all that makes our Mission and Vision a reality.  

As of Feb. 2020:

Open and active shelters 132
States with no shelter program 16
States with 1 shelter program 12
Minor-serving shelters 48
Shelters for males 24
Greatest need for shelters women with children, and minors

Note:  Numbers are updated on a monthly basis

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