National case Management System

Tracking your impact, informing the nation, and improving outcomes for Survivors

Consistently and accurately collect and report on your shelters activities for client management, program evaluation and improvement.

In 2022, the Institute for Shelter Care launched the National Case Management System (NCMS), equipping shelters to consistently and accurately collect and report shelter data for program evaluation and improvement.

Working closely with shelter leaders, the Institute for Shelter Care has taken a state-of-the-art case management tool and tailored it for use by those who serve the sexually exploited. This system is customized and ready for use in emergency-stabilization, restorative and minor care settings.

Trafficking case management

A system created with input from leaders within shelters serving the exploited. The NCMS ensures effective support and guidance through every stage of recovery.

Standardized Data sets

Pre-designed forms designed to collect data sets uniformly. Collect essential information to efficiently understand, and track, survivor cases.


The NCMS offers the flexibility to incorporate tailored forms designed specifically for your shelter’s unique needs.

Cost effective

This industry-specific solution ensures high-quality support at an affordable cost, empowering shelters to effectively manage cases while maximizing resources.


The NCMS includes 19 vetted psychological and behavioral assessments to track residents’ progress throughout their time in your program.


Our comprehensive training covers both initial implementation and ongoing support ensuring that your team is comfortable using this tool.


Experience a high level of support that isn’t typically available with a CMS tool. Our support enables users to confidently use the system to leverage its capabilities.


Unlock the power of customized reporting. The NCMS offers tailored reports based on more than 500 potential data points. Generate insightful and actionable reports.

The right tool to organize your work

The NCMS is an easy-to-use system for all your case management activities. From referral to exit, the NCMS offers industry standard and shelter-specific forms to help your staff efficiently collect information, track survivor progress, evaluate your programs and report data.

What software do we use?

Apricot 360,® a case management tool offered by Bonterra.

Is our data secure?

Bonterra takes comprehensive measures to ensure that data is kept safe, confidential and recoverable in the case of a disaster. Bonterra’s office sits behind a firewall which extensively controls, tracks, and reports access to our internal infrastructure. Our software meets current HUD Domestic Violence, HMIS, and Social Security Administration data management and security protocols, as well as minimum required FERPA and HIPAA standards.

Data Security

Apricot® uses usernames and passwords to prevent unauthorized access and to restrict user access within the application. Each unique user account is assigned access to programs and permission sets to restrict access to data and features in the system. Customer data is housed in two locations (U.S. at, Canada at, and Australia at based on the location of the client. Data is stored using redundant AWS hardware technologies, Bonterra fault-tolerant software, and journaling file systems.


Bonterra uses state-of-the-art equipment and technology to safeguard the confidential nature of your data. Your data is automatically encrypted while in transit between your computer and our servers as well as while in the database. Users access Apricot® software web application servers via secure HTTPS connection.

Will our clients’ personal information be shared?

At no time will the Institute for Shelter Care use any of the following personally identifying information (PII) for research or reporting:

  • Name or aliases
  • Date of birth
  • Social security or any unique identifying numbers
  • Personal, family or associates’ names or addresses
  • Photo, image, or any likeness
  • Record of conversations or case notes

Access data from all forms and assessments to seamlessly generate detailed reports that help you identify trends, monitor progress, and measure impact.

Be a part of something bigger.

The NCMS not only supports your work with survivors, but it will also contribute to collaborative research which brings credibility to our field and improves outcomes for survivors around the country.

GenerateHope has greatly benefitted from using the NCMS. To take all of our records from paper to a digital database has been transformative for us. We are constantly seeking to improve the programs we provide for survivors. The data we are able to collect and mine using Apricot allows us to evaluate our programs based on qualitative and quantitative data.


This data is also extremely helpful to share with donors and include in grant applications. We are just getting started and are excited about all that is to come with the use of this amazing system! Thank you so much for your support – no doubt you are empowering shelter programs for survivors to provide the best possible care.


Have a question?

If you have any questions regarding the National Case Management System, please contact Ralph Roller at