Financial Accountability

Our Commitment to Sound Financial Stewardship

The Samaritan Women aspires to be wholly transparent in its business practices. We are accountable to God for all that we think say, or do and we have stakeholders to whom we hold ourselves accountable, namely:

  1. YOU, because you have entrusted us with your time, talent, and treasure.
  2. THE SHELTERS, we serve because they are relying on us for training, assessment, and support.
  3. THE COMMUNITY IN WHICH WE WORK, because we realize we are each part of a bigger mission.

Here you will find information about the financial well-being and activities of our organization. We want you to be able to have confidence in the work that we do and how we do it. If there is anything more than you require please do not hesitate to contact

Excellence in Giving Certification

The Samaritan Women is proud to display the Excellence in Giving Certification.  The Samaritan Women is committed to transparency in all we do and want to ensure that each donor knows that they are making a wise investment when sharing their resources. 


We are proud to display our certification through the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability, for outstanding fiscal responsibility.


The Samaritan Women has a relationship with Ronald Blue Trust, a premiere Christian financial planning firm.  As part of an overall commitment to valued-based financial management, Ronald Blue Trust advises TSW leadership on long-term financial stewardship and assists donors with appreciated asset and planned giving.

To learn more, please contact: Greg Tutino, CPF, CKA, at 410-891-2900


The Institute for Shelter Care has achieved:

  • Platinum rating for financial transparency by GuideStar/Candid
  • Top-Rated Nonprofit for 2014 – 2023 by GREAT