Donor Advised Fund

Donor-advised funds can simplify your giving and cut your tax bill, all while giving back to the community.

A donor advised fund (DAF), which is like a charitable savings account, gives you the flexibility to recommend how much and how often money is granted to the Institute for Shelter Care and other qualified charities. You can recommend a grant or recurring grants now to make an immediate impact or use your fund as a tool for future charitable gifts.

You can also create a lasting legacy by naming the Institute for Shelter Care the beneficiary of the entire account or a percentage of the fund. With a percentage, you can create a family legacy of giving by naming your loved ones as your successor to continue recommending grants to charitable organizations. Contact your fund administrator for a beneficiary form.

What is a donor-advised fund?

A donor-advised fund, or DAF, is an account where you can deposit assets for donation to charity over time. The donor gets a tax deduction for making contributions to the donor-advised fund. A sponsoring organization manages the account; the donor recommends how to invest the assets and where to donate them.

What are the benefits of a donor-advised fund?

In addition to providing financial support to charities, donor-advised funds can provide more immediate income tax deductions for donors, as well as potentially reduce capital gains taxes and estate taxes.

What can you contribute to a donor-advised fund?

Different kinds of assets can be contributed to a donor-advised fund, such as:

  • Cash
  • Stocks, bonds and mutual fund shares
  • Money in IRAs and 401(k)s
  • Private company stock
  • Cryptocurrencies
  • Life insurance

An Example of How It Works

Michael and Lisa want to give back to their hometown by putting their money where it will do the most good. They establish a $25,000 donor advised fund with a community foundation.

The couple receives a federal income tax charitable deduction for the amount of the gift. They also get the time they need to decide which charities to support.

After researching community needs with the foundation’s staff, Joe and Laura recommend grants for the Foundation (which they’ve supported for years) and a local animal shelter. The foundation presents the charities with checks from the Suzanna Fund, which Michael and Lisa named in honor of Lisa’s mother. They name the Foundation as the beneficiary to receive the account balance after their lifetimes. Michael and Lisa are delighted to start this personal legacy of giving.

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Contact Jeanne Allert to discuss using your donor advised funds to support the Foundation and our mission:

Seek the advice of your financial or legal advisor.

If you include the Foundation in your plans, please use this information:

Legal Name: The Samaritan Women – Institute for Shelter Care

208 N. Second Avenue
LaGrange, KY  40031

Federal Tax ID: 74-3231089

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