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National Case Management System

In 2022, the Institute for Shelter Care launched the National Case Management System (NCMS) Initiative, equipping shelters to consistently and accurately collect and report shelter data for program evaluation and improvement.

The Institute has taken a state-of-the-art case management software tool and adapted it for sex trafficking. We engaged a team of seasoned shelter providers to influence the direction of this tool. It is now customized for emergency-stabilization, restorative care, and minor care, and includes over 18 vetted psychological and behavioral assessments, program evaluation tools, and necessary legal releases that ensure success. We’ve included a library of forms for specific needs such as personal possessions, emotional support pets, dependent, children, etc. It also has the ability to create shelter specific forms.

This system not only enhances the restorative residential care that shelters provide, but it will also support collaborative research, bring credibility to our field, and improve outcomes for survivors around the country.

Which Software do we use?

In partnership with Social Solutions, the Institute for Shelter Care utilizes the highest level of Apricot (Apricot 360) to deliver comprehensive case management tools. Features include forms, reports, attendance tracker, scheduling, multiple program sites, workflows, rules & alerts, and more.

What the NCMS Initiative provides:

Pre-Built Forms, Assessments, and Reports


From Referral to Exiting the system has standardized forms and the ability to create site specific forms to help your organization collect data and report on it effectively.


In partnership with Regent University, the Institute selected 12 psychological, behavioral, and spiritual assessments to track residents’ progress throughout their time at your shelter.


Seamlessly create and filter reports for all forms and assessments to generate comprehensive data reports for your agency and stakeholders.

NCMS Training

Customized training utilizing videos, handouts, support articles, and video conferencing to meet the needs of your agency.

Learn how to use Apricot

  • View, create, and edit records
  • Create and edit forms
  • View, filter, create, and edit reports

Technical Support

  • Onboarding and integrating systems and processes into Apricot
  • Ongoing technical support after site launches

Learn how to utilize your data

  • Program design and evaluation
  • Logic Model
  • Workflows
  • Worksheets and templates to organize your system and process

Next Steps

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