Child Abuse Resources


I Said No! A Kid-to-kid Guide to Keeping Private Parts Private Kimberly King, Zack King 

I Said No! uses kid-friendly language and illustrations to help parents and concerned adults give kids guidance they can understand and practice to protect themselves from an inappropriate situation. I Said No! covers a variety of topics, including: what’s appropriate and with whom, how to deal with inappropriate behavior, bribes and threats, when and where to go for help, and what to do if the people you turn to for help don’t listen.

God Made All of Me: A Book to Help Children Protect Their Bodies Justin Holcomb, Lindsey Holcomb

A simple, colorful, relatable story for 2-8 yr old children, designed to help them protect their bodies. God Made All of Me conveys a clear message that God made every part of the human body and that every part is, therefore, good (the doctrine of creation), gently opens the conversation about sexual abuse, facilitates open conversations about appropriate and inappropriate touch, overcomes confusion, secrecy, and embarrassment about bodies with truth.

Becoming a Church that Cares Well for the Abused  Brad Hambrick, General Editor

Working in tandem with the resources and videos found at, this handbook brings together leading evangelical trauma counselors, victim advocates, social workers, attorneys, batterer interventionists, and survivors to equip pastors and ministry leaders for the appropriate initial responses to a variety of abuse scenarios in churches, schools, or ministries.

FREE download of this book and training curriculum are available at

Resources by “I Said ‘No!'”
Recommended children’s books  for the prevention and healing of childhood sexual abuse.

Resources by G.R.A.C.E. – Godly Response to Abuse in the Christian Environment

GRACE exists to equip the Church with a vision for authentic community, where responsibility, accountability, and compassion are second nature and caring for children and adult survivors of abuse are non-negotiable.  An abundance of videos, books, and articles by field experts are offered on the resource page. Safeguard Certification, Organizational Assessments, and Independent Investigations offered.



Becoming a Church that Cares Well for the Abused

This training curriculum consists of a handbook, an introductory video, and 12 lesson videos that bring together top experts from various fields to help leaders understand and implement the best practices for handling the variety of abuse scenarios at church, school, or ministry.


The Mama Bear Effect

“Down-to-earth educational resources to help families and communities all over the world  Rock the Talk® to raise awareness and protect children from the threat of sexual abuse. We offer a range of free downloads, materials, coloring pages, and blog posts to help spark conversations and change the culture of sexual abuse, from a mindset of silence and shame to courage and compassion. Mama Bears put the safety of their cubs first and foremost, and so will we.”

Child Lures Prevention

Research & evidence-based sexual abuse prevention curriculum dedicated to preventing all forms of child & teen victimization by teaching educators, administrators, parents/guardians, students and community members to recognize, interrupt, stop and report inappropriate behaviors and situations. Free downloads available on the grooming process, what to do when a child/teen discloses, online safety tips, and more.

Protect Young Minds

Resources to empower families against pornography and sexual exploitation. Check out their Body Safety Toolkit – a tool for parents to help children create a body safety plan and practice how to handle potential “red flag” situations.

Zero Abuse Project

Trauma-informed education, research, advocacy, and technology to protect children from abuse and sexual assault.

Darkness to Light

Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Resources and trainings. Darkness to Light is a nonprofit committed to empowering adults to prevent child sexual abuse.

Lauren’s Kids educates adults and children about sexual abuse prevention through in-school curricula, awareness campaigns and speaking engagements around the country and the world.