Voices of Abolition and the Church

Melissa Yao discusses Victim Services at the Christian Abolitionists Event – Museum of the Bible, October 10, 2018

Melissa Yao – Director of the National Trafficking Sheltered Alliance.  

For nearly 8 years Melissa worked at The Samaritan Women, a long-term restoration home for survivors of domestic human trafficking.  She has seen firsthand how isolating it is for those working with survivors of sexual exploitation and is passionate about building a community that empowers and encourages those in the trenches every day.

While at The Samaritan Women, Melissa worked to increase awareness and deepen community engagement on issues around human trafficking, spearheaded advocacy campaigns, hosted nation-wide gatherings and conferences, and supported staff and residents through their spiritual journey.

Prior to joining The Samaritan Women, Melissa worked with the White House’s Faith-based and Community Outreach Office at the United States Agency for International Development, Dr. Ron Sider with Evangelicals for Social Action, and with Bread for the World.

Melissa has her master’s degree in International Development from Eastern University and her bachelor’s in International Relations from American University.