Specifically for Churches

“How can my church get involved?”

Every congregation and parish can get involved in combatting domestic sex trafficking by giving of their time, talent, and treasure in these three areas:


Your church can be an example of positive cultural change in your community by fostering open conversations, increased accountability, and becoming a safe place for the hurt, broken, and healing.  Find out more about battling pornography addiction, creating safe places to discuss difficult topics, and talking to your children about internet safety and safe boundaries through some of our recommended reads, media, and affiliated prevention organizations.


While not everyone is called to intervene in the dangerous situations that trafficking victims find themselves in, we’re all in a position to support those who are – by supporting your local law enforcements’ efforts to identify and locate trafficking victims, as well as advocating for victims to receive the help they need.


While victims of sex trafficking may finally become free of their traffickers, it can take years to restore the identity that was stolen from them.  Restoration is the heartbeat of TSW, and we hope it’s yours, too.  See how your Church can support restorative efforts in your community and contribute to the work of the Institute for Shelter Care to make sure that every survivor has access to long-term restorative care.

Order Empowerment Packs

This neatly packaged handout contains an 11-card series that works as a instructional tool and includes specific prayers and action steps for your community members.

If you would like to order Empowerment Packs for your event or group, please contact Rachel. Packs are $2 each. Allow up to ten days for processing.

For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.
Matthew 6:21


Learn, Pray, Engage

If you want your heart to grow closer to this issue of domestic sex trafficking, the best place to start is by investing your time, talent, and treasure.
We recommend this resource to find out how your Church body is best suited to join the movement and make the greatest impact according to God’s call.

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