The ideal candidate for the Shelter Mentoring Program is a non-profit agency that:

  • Has valid 501(c)3 status with the Federal government
  • Has valid non-profit status in your home state
  • Has demonstrated a commitment to anti-trafficking work
  • Has some experience interacting with survivors, either through outreach, drop-in, or working alongside another agency
  • Has identified (at least) its founding Board of Directors, Executive Director, and begun strategizing its shelter program
  • Has the flexibility and finances to permit agency representatives to be away from work/home during the four week-long training intensives

The candidate agency does not need to have secured its residential property – in fact, you might change your thinking about the property you need based on the training.


The ideal candidate for the Shelter Mentoring Program is a non-profit agency that:

  • Has the capacity and willingness to begin a rigorous training program including on-site Intensives, webinars, and homework.
  • Is agreeable to/compatible with instruction taught from a Christian worldview. Candidate agencies need not operate as faith-based organizations, but the Mentees understand that the Institute and program content will be reflective of this conviction.
  • Can commit to at least 3-4 persons within your emerging agency who will participate in the training. Each on-site Intensive allows for 2 attendees per agency, but those individuals can change over the course of the 8-month training phase.
  • Understands it will be concurrently working to build your agency infrastructure, program and community relationships concurrent with being in the training program. Mentees will need to demonstrate progress towards opening a qualified shelter home.

Important Dates

March 17th, 2020 SHELTERED Conference, Louisville, KY
May 1st Final Application Deadline
May 19th 2020 Cohort Member Final Acceptance Notification
Intensive 1: 
Mission and Leadership
June 15th – 19th
Intensive 2:
Asset Management
August 3rd – 7th
Intensive 3: 
Program Design – Stabilization
September 14th  – 18th
Intensive 4: 
Services and Service Partners
October 26th – 30th
Intensive 5 (Optional):
Program Design – Restorative
December 7th – 11th

Tuition Fees

The Samaritan Women’s Institute for Shelter Care works to cultivate charitable support to offer institutional scholarships for our Mentees and wish for participation to come at little cost to them. While the Institute will strive to provide scholarships in the highest amount possible, we cannot offer full scholarships, and each organization should anticipate paying some amount.

For more information about tuition and scholarships, please email Calvin Fanning, Director of Shelter Mentoring, at


We are still accepting applications for the 2020 Cohort through May 1st. If you are interested in applying, please download and complete the application [BUTTON BELOW] and submit to Calvin Fanning, Director of Shelter Mentoring, at